Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One idea to change the world?

What would you do if your charity had a great idea and wanted to tell the world about it?

On the face of it, that's a daunting challenge. There is so much competition. There must be tens of thousands of non-profits large and small out there. They spend millions of dollars to promote themselves. And there must be a million ideas already at work. The world is a big place. How could  one charity speak to the entire planet without spending a fortune?

Many would think this would be an impossible task.

Enter a small, UK-based international charity called Aleevee8. They have a radically new idea about how to fight poverty in the Developing World. They want to use eco-tourism to help local communities in mountain areas like Nepal. Right now, local mountain people don't really benefit from tourism. The tour guides come from away and they bring their own equipment and food. All that tourists leave is their garbage. Aleevee8 has a plan to develop a series of locally-owned and operated eco-lodges that would pump money into the community. It would be a hand-up, not a hand-out. Great idea. 

How is Aleevee8 going to tell the world about this? They've created an impressive social media machine, mostly using volunteers and supporters from around the world. Their first video was released August 8th and it's perfect. Short, simple, entertaining and right on message. 

And they're planning a special launch in October that will really knock your socks off. I've had a sneak peek at what they're planning. And as non-profit marketing goes, it's brilliant.

Want to know how one charity can sell their idea to the world. Keep watching Aleevee8. I will.

Here's where you can find them:

And if you can help, please use your social media to spread the word.